A journey, 5 to 50

Five years old: You’re in kindergarten. Your mom dresses you in a pink dress, squeaker sneakers, and your favourite hairstyle, pigtails, using those decorated Barbie hair elastic bands.

Ten years old: You’re still wearing your favourite all-pink outfit, a Hannah Montana shirt, and even pink jeans. Your hair grew longer and you’ve now started to do ponytails and braids for yourself. You have your pink backpack and matching lunch box. You just got your first coloured chapstick and your friends are so jealous.

Fourteen years old: You’re in high school now. You wear leggings, a hoodie, and Uggs every single day. You’re now allowed to use eyeliner but your right and left eyes fail to look the same — not even close.

Eighteen years old: Your makeup is now always on point because you’re grown up. All your friends have conquered it too. You have mastered the science of winged eyeliner and your eyebrows are always on fleek. You’re in love with those high-waisted skirts and purses. You bring a purse to school but it doesn’t fit your binders.

Twenty-five years old: You’ve been in university for a while now. You dress professionally with black skirts and white shirts or sometimes just jeans and flats. On exam days, you wear your favourite sweatpants and hoodie along with the ever-popular messy bun.

Thirty years old: You wear your favourite white dress, a wedding dress, with a white pair of heels. You love it even more than that pink prom dress you wore years ago. You now wear glasses because of all the hard work and studying you did in university, but it paid off with your dream job.

Thirty-seven years old: You’ve stopped wearing makeup, and you’re too busy to do your hair so you just leave it down. You wear your favourite pair of jeans and the same black sweater to work. Your daughter is now five and you dressed her up — in a pink dress, squeaker sneakers, and her favourite hairstyle, pigtails.

Fifty years old: Your daughter bought you Capri pants today and a white baggy shirt; she knows the type of style you like. You thank her and take her to your room for a surprise. You give her a pink dress, your prom dress. She tears up.

Fashion trends, like everything in life, will always go in and out of style. Accept and remember those that hold a story and meaning behind them.


Every sky we reach is a new ground

When we’re on the ground, we look up at our goals and see them so far out of reach, almost like the sky. It would take a lot of steps to get to where you want to be because nothing that’s worth a lot comes easy, it comes with hard work and determination. Eventually, we will achieve our goals … we will reach the sky… but, the sky becomes our new ground and we continue to strive and look at something higher, reach for a new sky and never stop flying.


In the end of the day, it’s not the process that matters, it’s the result, so….. if it takes you one, two, three or a thousand steps to get to the answer, don’t despair and never lose hope.

They didn’t change towards you, they changed towards themselves, towards the world.

via Daily Prompt: Distant

From the world, friends and myself. It seems like everything becomes distant with time.Things that once brought joy and smiles, feel so distant. I want to reconnect with myself, to let myself know that it is ok to feel distant, it is ok to witness change in yourself and if you witness the change in me and in you, you will understand that it is ok to witness change in others. They’re not changing towards me, they’re not different towards you, they’ve changed towards themselves, towards themselves, because without the feeling of becoming distant from something, feeling distance between each other with time, time stops, the world stops too, and we all stand still and life doesn’t go on.


via Daily Prompt: Imaginary

You might think I’m crazy for putting “you” as the title for a post about something being imaginary. I mean you’re right, how possibly could you be imaginary? you can pinch yourself right now and you’ll feel it, you can feel the pain, you can walk, talk,communicate and do a lot of things that you wouldn’t be able to do if you were imaginary, but have you ever thought about it as in, you might be imaginary to something else, we might be computer codes programmed to feel and to think and to do all these amazing things. Maybe only our brains exist, maybe they’re being stimulated in this specific way to make us feel this way. But answer me, don’t some of your dreams feel so real? what if you get trapped in those dreams and you never wake up, you still feel pain, you feel sorrow and all those things you feel in the real world, so… how do you know you aren’t really just waking up from a dream that is in your dream and what if it all doesn’t exist, it’s all imaginary and you’re nothing but a code. So now the question is, who programmed this code, and why?

Chapter 1

You know… I convince myself everyday that I am not special and that we are all the same, we all serve a purpose but the end goal of this purpose is the same. I sometimes ask myself, what is the point of life, are we really born just to die or does our death also serve a bigger purpose. What does it even mean to be born and what does it mean to die. were we dead before we were born and do we really die when we die. I think of existence, and what it truly means to exist, but the truth is, no one truly knows what existence is, I guess just like every other term in our vocabulary, we gave it a definition to mean a certain thing but our definition is not necessarily true and each person or creature might have a different idea for existing.